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Theres no denying the harsh environment that engineers maintaining aggregate plant have to withstand, this why in this industry there are stringent health and safety protocols.  We understand this environment and with our stock capabilities and speed of our delivery we believe we are positioned in the best way to serve this industry.

Experience in this industry is vital as well as having the backup of our trusted brands, as authorised distributors we not only have access to authentic product we have access to their technical knowledge this includes onsite visits.

Remember our service:

  •  - A true free 24hr breakdown service for account customers

  •  - Technical support & solutions

  •  - Access to the worlds largest brands at the best prices

  •  - Dedicated account manager with experience in the aggregate industry

Polipump - centralised lubrication system in just a few quick steps 

the POLIPUMP has been designed especially to increase the reliability of your machine by providing the right amount of grease at the right time. With a very fast return on investment, this new multipoint lubrication system will increase the availability of your equipment and will reduce your maintenance costs at the same time.
Thanks to its wide range of timer settings, the POLIPUMP enables lubrication from 1 to 35 points simultaneously and automatically. With its high pressure capability, the POLIPUMP can dispense the grease to several points up to a distance of 20 meters. Precise and reliable, the POLIPUMP is your best tool to increase your productivity.

Ready to go: the POLIPUMP can be used straight from the box. No need for expensive special engineering assistance, you can easily install your multipoint centralised system by yourself. 

Lambda Lubrication Free Chain

Since 1917 Tsubakimoto Chain Company has consistantly provided the highest quality industrial chain. Being the global leader in innovation, Tsubaki became the world’s rst manufacturer to introduce lube free chain under the brand name Lambda in 1988.

The Lambda chain is ideal for environments where chain lubrication is dif cult, impossible or undesirable. Typical applications can be found in industries where clean environments are required (e.g. food, packaging) and in environments where abrasive contamination is prominent (e.g. wood processing, paper industry).

Tsubaki is now proud to introduce the 6th generation premium BS/DIN Lube Free Lambda Chain. 

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