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Our strong ties with the Kent and Sussex agricultural industry have meant we have gained over 30 years of experience and understand the stresses and strains this industry is under.  


Orbic offers bearings for disc harrows, planters, mowers, rakes, all types of balers, tillage, seeding and forage harvester equipment, combines, cotton pickers/stripers, and other agricultural equipment like silo unloaders and grain elevators.

We also offer a complete line of insert ball bearings, shaft mounted with either tapered adapters or locking collar or set screws. Our proven seal designs include low torque shields to heavy-duty triple lip seals. Disc harrow bearings are also available with either round, square, or hexagonal bores. All bearings are available with or without re-lubrication holes.

Our service:

  •  - A true free 24hr breakdown service for account holders

  •  - Technical support & solutions

  •  - Access to the worlds largest brands at the best prices

  •  - Dedicated account manager with experience in agriculture equipment

Optibelt Green Garden Belt Range

As a strong partner in the eld of grounds maintenance, Optibelt offers numerous drive solutions to perfectly satisfy custom- ers’ speci cations.

As well as customer-speci c solutions for original equipment manufacturers, Optibelt also has a wide range of spare parts, and can therefore deliver the ideal solution to meet every requirement. Even under extreme conditions and in dif cult terrain, our drive belts achieve excellent power transmission. 

Whether for changing gears in ride-on mowers, transferring power for shredding clippings, or ensuring the necessary feed, professional drive solutions from Optibelt provide maximum power transmission and the right performance. 

Integrated Hubs 

Compact, integrated solution for easier mounting.

For your disc harrows ntn-snr dedicates integrated hubs obtaining:

• a high performance bearing solution from the vehicle industry
• Easier initial mounting and easier maintenance
• a design adaptable to your design constraints
• reduction in the number of components to be handled in procurement 

Hub composition:

• 1 gB «twinline» bearing equipped with cassette type seals
• 1 ductile cast iron housing
• 1 shaft with or without nut
• additional cassette type seal for optimum protection of the hub 

For more information on our services or for technical help, please contact us below

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