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Belt Drives

Orbic offers a complete drive service to U.K. Industry with unrivalled supply on polyurethane belts, rubber belts and pulleys.

From 'Variable Speed V-belts' to 'Narrow V-Belts', from 'Classical V-Belts' to 'Flat Belts' We supply a complete range of timing belts and pulleys.

Orbic also only supply belts with a combination of excellent raw materials and stringent quality control, in fact power transmission belts from Orbic are regarded as being among the best in the market.

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The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high performance drive belts.

OPTIBELT products are used where durability and quality are required without making any compromises: in machine engineering, in the automotive branch, in the agricultural engineering sector and household appliance industry.

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The global leader in polyurethane transmission belts.  Creating solutions for industry's most challenging applications, Setting the benchmark in R & D and technical support, Manufacturing the largest range of PU belts worldwide.

Bando drive elements stand for: high efficiency due to an excellent cost/performance ratio, excellent product characteristics, high quality standards, product innovation thanks to continuous research and development, high tech production technologies.
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DUNLOP BTL LTD is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and international distributors of Bearings, Transmissions and Linkages.

Many of the world's most prestigious original equipment manufacturers in the automotive, agricultural, construction, industrial and motor sport sectors rely on quality Dunlop products.


Although we are authorised distributors for the above brand we also have trusted and authorised routes to other well known brands this is through our membership with IADA.  

IADA was started in 1998 by a group of independent distributors, offering MRO supply solutions, looking for a way to improve the level of service and coverage for their customers. We now have 19 members and 60 branches across the UK.

IADA’s philosophy is ‘National Power with Local Strength’ and each of the 60 sites has been carefully selected on their commitment and ability to deliver excellent and continuously improving customer care backed up with local stocks of quality products.

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