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Founded in 1985 Orbic has built up an unbeatable reputation for the immediate supply of high quality engineering products used in a wide range of industry applications. ​

As authorised distributors of some of the worlds largest engineering brands, we can offer quality assured products and keep our customers costs down. 

We believe that being a one stop shop for all of our customers engineering needs we can reduce costs and increase their purchasing efficiency. 

Quality Management

When you place an order with Orbic, you will receive the exact part you are looking for because we follow documented processes that are fine-tuned to ensure compliance, quality, and dependability. 

Trust Orbic


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National Power Local Strength

It is true that smaller, more locally aware companies often provide the highest level of service. In the past these companies have struggled to compete on price. IADA has changed this, we still have the same attitude towards service, but as a group we can ensure our prices won’t let you down either.

Out Of Hours Service
Trust Orbic

We are on hand to answer your call 24/7.  We give you a competitive edge by supplying the goods and services at a required time and at an affordable cost. 

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