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As an important supplier to print and paper companies in the south east we believe we know what it takes to offer a full MRO service.


Our service:

  •  - A true 24hr breakdown service

  •  - Technical support & solutions

  •  - Access to the worlds largest brands at the best prices

  •  - Dedicated account manager with experience in laundry equipment

Forbo Printer Belting

The challenge to paper converting belts is the variety of applications for paper processing and letter sorting. This is why Forbo has been a development partner and supplier to original equipment manufacturers and end users for decades.

Siegling Extremultus paper converting belts have coefficients of friction values that adapt to particular functions, top coatings that are easy on paper, and have good release and grip properties, and long service lives that allow the belts to excel in their respective industries.

The innovative types in the Siegling Extremultus E+A line are the latest outcome of our research and development work. Their aramide or polyester tension member means the belts have little elongation at fitting, high flexibility and are not sensitive to fluctuations in ambient conditions.

Self-Aligning Cylindrical Roller Bearings 

The extreme operating conditions in the dry section require rolling bearings with special characteristics

The rolling bearings in the dry sec- tion of a paper machinery, especially the bearings on the dryer roll,
are subjected to extreme operating conditions. As the dryer rolls are heated by steam, the rolling bear- ings are subjected to high thermal stress. Appropriate heat treatment and dimensional stabilisation of rolling bearings, as well as good lubrication, are essential precon- ditions for trouble-free operation. 

The ideal non-locating bearing concept
- for dryer rolls
- and also in conversion of bearing


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